Aotearoa Gemstones

Aotea GeoBraid Pi Disc Pendant


Aotea Pi Disc Pendants

Discs measure 55mm and is set on a GeoBraid Cord which will be set to the wearers specific length. Please measure around your neck the length you would like the cord to be, and message us. 

Comprised of an extremely rare mixture of Kyanite (blue), Fuchsite (Green) and Quartz (white), along with a small amount of other associate minerals. Aotea originates from a small valley in South Westland, NZ.

Aotea is a highly altered Kyanite Schist which has undergone a large metamorphic change, suggesting deep burial in a localised area on the alpine fault. Aotea carries the essence of the Devine Feminine, it helps heal the goddess aspect within the individual.

The affirmation for Aotea is - "I joyously heal my inner goddess and align her energies with the energies of our mother earth to heal all the earth's people"

The Pi is a continuous circle, which represents the endless circle of life and longevity.

Please note - When worn and body oils soak into Aotea, the minerals can undergo a deep colour transformation, they can change to a very rich green or blue, and can have a beautiful and ethereal translucency to it. This only enhances the beauty of the gemstone.

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