Aotearoa Gemstones

Pounamu (Nephrite Jade) Pito Cutter/Cord Cutter


Pounamu (Neprhite Jade) Pito Cutter/Umbilical Cord Cutter. 

The Toki has been fashioned with a sharp knife edge blade for cutting the umbilical cord. Measurements are - 118mm Long by 28mm wide at widest point.

Pounamu makes a great natural alternative to using scissors.

Nephrite Jade (Pounamu) is the stone of good luck and love. And the toki represents Strength, Determination & Authority

After the Cutter has been used they can be then sent back to have the knife edge removed, repolished, and bound for a wearable taonga to be treasured for generations. (individual pieces dictate which type of binding can be used, if you have a particular style of binding in mind please message us to discuss those requirements first) Please note there is an extra charge for this, please contact us for pricing for this on each toki.

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