Aotearoa Gemstones

Aotea GeoBraid Koru Breastplate Pendant


Aotea GeoBraid Pendant 

The Pendant measures 62x120mm and is set on a double GeoBraid cord measuring 70cm.

Aotea is found only in South Westland, NZ, it comprises of Fuchsite, Kyanite and Quartz, and energetically it carries the essence of the devine feminine energy.

A Culturally universal symbol of old - the Third Eye Chakra brings Insight, Balance & Protection across all realms.  Useful in assisting meditation, this esoteric symbol is a representation of the pineal gland.

Created from an Aotea piece with a high Kyanite content, which has had a long association with the Third Eye, while the Quartz content acts as an amplifier.  Kyanite doesn’t require Cleansing, though this piece will always enjoy an occasional bath in fresh or salt water, moonlight, mountaintop or where ever feels right.

The affirmation for Aotea - “I joyously heal my inner goddess and align her energies with the energies of our Mother Earth to heal all the worlds people”

Please note - When worn and body oils soak into Aotea, the minerals can undergo a deep colour transformation, they can change to a very rich green or blue, and can have a beautiful and ethereal translucency to it. This only enhances the beauty of the gemstone.

Suspension cords can be shortened if need be before sending, please message us on social media or email, or leave a note at checkout if you would like this done.

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