Aotearoa Gemstones

Aotea Ring


Aotea Dress Ring

Handcrafted from High Quality Aotea.

Aotea is unique to South Westland NZ and is comprised of a rare mix of Fuchsite, Kyanite and Quartz. Aotea carries the essence of the Devine Feminine energy

The inner diameter of the ring measures 20mm (Size U1/2 NZ Sizing). The width is 7mm and the wall depth is approximately 2.5mm at the bottom and 5mm at the top of the ring.

This ring is intended as a Dress Ring rather than an every day piece of jewellery. Although made from high quality stone, rough wear could result in damage to the ring. They are a statement piece to enjoy wearing and experiencing the energy and beauty of Aotea. This Taonga needs to be treated with respect and care. 

Please note - When worn and body oils soak into Aotea, the minerals can undergo a deep colour transformation, they can change to a very rich green or blue, and can have a beautiful and ethereal translucency to it. This only enhances the beauty of the gemstone.

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