Aotearoa Gemstones

Aotea Trinity Pendant


Aotea Trinity Bound on GeoBraid Tan Binding

Aotea is a rare and unique gemstone comprising of Kyanite (blue) Fuchsite (green) and Quartz (white), it is unique to South Westland NZ and carries the essence of the Devine Feminine Energy.

Carved to represent the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit, and the intertwining nature of what sustains life - earth, water and sky. There is no beginning nor end, and each strand can only exist when connected. The 4 ply GeoBraid binding represents the Devine connection to our ancestors, much like the strand of our DNA, the connection to all that has been and all that will be. 

The Trinity Pendant measures approximately 7cm in diameter and is bound on a 4 Ply GeoBraid plait measuring 64cm

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