Aotearoa Gemstones

Bound Toki Sterling Silver Necklaces


Bound Toki Sterling Silver Necklaces

Please see below for individual pendant information

#1 Nephrite Jade Pounamu 12x31mm (Good Luck & Love)
#2 Nephrite Jade Pounamu 10x36mm (Good Luck & Love)
#3 Nephrite Jade Pounamu 12x40mm (Good Luck & Love)
#4 Nephrite Jade Pounamu 13x39mm (Good Luck & Love)
#5 Aotea 12x61mm (Devine Feminine Healing)
#6 Aotea 12x56mm (Devine Feminine Healing)
#7 Aotea 11x44mm (Devine Feminine Healing)
#8 Rhodonite 10x39mm (Heart Based Emotional Healing)
#9 Rhodonite 7x41mm (Heart Based Emotional Healing)
#10 Quartz 7x43mm (The Master Healer on all levels)
#11 Quartz 9x47mm (The Master Healer on all levels)
#12 Goodletite 9x60mm (Protection, Wisdom & Purity)
#13 Goodletite 10x48mm (Protection, Wisdom & Purity)
#14 Goodletite 10x38mm (Protection, Wisdom & Purity)

Please Note - Aotea / Quartz / Goodletite - When worn and body oils soak into these gemstones, the minerals undergo a deep transformation and colour change.  This  enhances the beauty of the Gemstone, and can take varying amounts of time depending on the person wearing the necklace.

All Pendants will come set on a 45cm Sterling Silver chain.  Please measure and check. Other lengths are available - please message us for pricing.


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