Aotearoa Gemstones

Gemstone Bead GeoBraid Bracelet


Gemstone Bead GeoBraid Bracelets

Set on a 19.5cm GeoBraid  Bracelet. 

When measuring for fit you need to allow approximately 1.5-2cm extra length on top of your wrist measurement to allow fitting. Ie. - if your wrist measures upto 17.5cm you need an 19.5cm bracelet.  Please be thorough when measuring.

Please choose your bracelet in the drop down menu according to numbers on picture.

#1 - Rhodonite - Healing and Heart Based Energy

#2 - Serpentinite - A member of the Pounamu Family with a Grounding energy.

#3 - Aroha Stone - Love & Heart Based Energy

#4 - Chrysanthemum Stone -  good fortune, and a magnet for positive synchronicities

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