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Gemstone Hoop Earrings


Creole Hoop Earrings

Set on 15mm Sterling Silver Creole Hoops

PLEASE NOTE -  Please select your stone choice from one of four options in the drop down menu. And then either Note at Checkout (there is a notes section however if you can’t see it you can include it as part of your address, ie. “Stone Choice #1”) or send us a message via email or social media. Any pictures with a red line through them denote already sold pairs. 

Aotea - Comprised of an extremely rare mixture of Kyanite (blue), Fuchsite (Green) and Quartz (white), along with a small amount of other associate minerals. Aotea originates from a small valley in South Westland, NZ. Aotea is a highly altered Kyanite Schist which has undergone a large metamorphic change, suggesting deep burial in a localised area on the alpine fault. Spiritually it is a very feminine stone, as it helps heal the goddess aspect within the individual.

Serpentinite (Pounamu) - Pounamu is the stone of good luck and love, and Serpentinite carries a grounding and calming energy.

Nephrite Jade (Pounamu) - Typically forming on the West Coast of the South Island NZ, Nephrite Jade is part of the Pounamu Family and is the stone of good luck and love.

Rhodonite - Generally forms in the South Island of NZ and is a stone of emotional healing, comfort and love.



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Brigitte Bagg
Thank you

Amazing product, amazing service. Thank you so much for the time you spent on the phone helping me decide which earrings were “just the right ones”. So grateful.

Keziah Martin

Beautiful taaonga 💖

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