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Goodletite & Quartz Ring


Goodletite & Quartz Ring

The inner diameter of the ring measures 20mm (Size U1/2 NZ Sizing). The width is 10mm and the wall depth is approximately 4mm at the bottom and 7.5mm at the top of the ring.

Goodletite is NZs rarest Gemstone, it is unique to New Zealand and found only in the Hokitika area of the South Islands West Coast. Goodletite is composed mostly of Ruby, Sapphire and Tourmaline crystals in an emerald green Fuchsite.  It is 1000 times rarer than Diamond.

This ring is intended as a Dress Ring rather than an every day piece of jewellery. Although made from high quality stone, rough wear could result in damage to the ring. It is  a statement piece to enjoy wearing and experiencing the energy and beauty of . This Taonga needs to be treated with respect and care. 

When worn and body oils soak into Goodletite, the minerals undergo a deep colour transformation, these pendants change to a very deep and dark emerald green which has a beautiful and ethereal translucency to it. So although the colours are beautiful before being worn, they change and darken dramatically creating a stunning energy and glow after being worn.

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