Jade (Pounamu) Anklets

Aotearoa Gemstones

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Jade (Pounamu) Anklets

Handmade Jade (Pounamu) Macrame Anklets. Made from durable but natural feel waxed polyester.

To find the correct fit, please measure around the ankle firm but not too tight, then we recommend adding on approximately 1.5-2cm to the measured length. This allows for room to do the toggle up and comfort.

Once orders are placed we will then send you a picture of available pieces to choose from.

Nephrite Jade (a form of Pounamu) is a calcium-magnesium silicate that varies from translucent to opaque and comes in many variants of colour.  It is formed by the intensive heat and pressure some 10km deep within the earth under the South Al[ps of NZ.  Nephrite Jade, also known as Pounamu or Greenstone, was forced to the surface by the movement of Pacific and Australian Tectonic plates over many millions of years.  Jade is known as the stone of "Good Luck".  While only average on the hardness scale, Nephrite has an amazing toughness allowing intricate carving that retains great strength.

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