Mother and Baby Bracelet and cord tie set

Aotearoa Gemstones

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Mother and Baby Bracelet and cord tie set
Mother and Baby Bracelet and cord tie set
Mother and Baby Bracelet and cord tie set

Handmade Mother and Baby Bracelet and Cord Tie sets. comes in a wide range of NZ Gemstones, and sizes can be customised to fit.

The bracelets are made from durable but natural feel waxed polyester. The umbilical Cord Ties are made from 100% Cotton and tumbled NZ Gemstones, these Umbilical Cord Ties make a great natural alternative to conventional cord clamps.  They are easy to use, and they are soft on babies skin and dont get tangled up.  And they can be made into a piece of jewellery at a later date.

Our cord ties come with instructions on sterilisation and use.

Available in - Jade, Aotea, Rhodonite, Aroha Stone.

Gemstone qualities -

Jade - our national treasure, Jade is the stone of good luck and love

Aotea (blue\green\white) - only found on the west coast of NZ, Aotea carries the essence of the Devine feminine energy.

Rhodonite - (Pink) is a comfort stone with heart based energy

Aroha Stone - (pink/mauve/maroon) is a stone of love.

To find the correct fit for the bracelet, please measure around the wrist firm but not too tight, then we recommend adding on approximately 1-1.5cm to the measured length. This allows for room to do the toggle up.

Once orders are placed we will then send you a picture of available stones to choose from. We are also happy to take orders for different combinations of bracelets and cord ties to suit your family, please message us.

Please allow upto 10 days for your items to be made.


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