Aotearoa Gemstones

Pounamu Pendants


Pounamu Pendants made from a range of NZ Pounamu (Nephrite Jade) 

From Left to Right -

#1 - 29mm long 60cm cord

#2 - 27mm long 50cm cord

#3 - 30mm long 60cm cord

#4 - 31mm long 50cm cord

#5 - 40mm logan 65cm cord

#6 - 35mm long 58cm cord

#7 - 47mm long 60cm cord

#8 - 40mm long 65cm cord

#9 - 35mm long 65cm cord

#10 - 45mm long 65cm cord

Typically forming on the West Coast of the South Island NZ, Nephrite Jade is part of the Pounamu Family and is the stone of good luck and love.

Suspension cords can be shortened if need be before sending, please message us on social media, email us, or leave a note at checkout if you would like this done.

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