Rhodonite Bracelets

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Rhodonite Bracelets
Rhodonite Bracelets

Handmade Rhodonite Macrame Bracelets. Comes in sizes from New born right upto adult male. Made from durable but natural feel waxed polyester.

To find the correct fit, please measure around the wrist firm but not too tight, then we recommend adding on approximately 1-1.5cm to the measured length. This allows for room to do the toggle up.

Once orders are placed we will then send you a picture of available bracelet stones to choose from.

Rhodonite is a mixture of many minerals, it is named after the Greek word for rose "rhodon". The rhodonite we work forms in Otago.  Rhodonite has a strong heart based energy, and helps with emotional healing.  It is a great comfort stone.

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