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Umbilical Cord Tie

Aotearoa Gemstones

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Umbilical Cord Tie

Made from tumbled NZ Gemstones and Muka (flax fibre which is traditionally used, and known for its antibacterial properties) 

These Umbilical Cord Ties make a great natural alternative to conventional cord clamps.  They are easy to use, and they are soft on babies skin and dont get tangled up in nappies and clothing.  

Comes packaged with stone information and instructions for use.

Available in - Jade, Aotea, Rhodonite, Serpentine or Aroha Stone.

Gemstone qualities -

Jade - our national treasure, Jade is the stone of good luck and love

Aotea (blue\green\white) - only found on the west coast of NZ, Aotea carries the essence of the Devine feminine energy.

Rhodonite - (Pink) is a comfort stone with heart based energy

Serpentine - a member of the Pounamu Family and carries a grounding energy

Aroha Stone - (pink/mauve/maroon) is a stone of love.

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