Aotearoa Gemstones

Muka Pito Tie with Gemstone


Made from tumbled NZ Gemstones and Muka

These Muka Pito Ties make a great natural and eco friendly alternative to conventional cord clamps.  They are easy to use, and they are soft on babies skin and dont get tangled up in nappies and clothing.  Muka is also renowned for its antibacterial properties, and because of this the pito heals very fast. Our muka ties are made from 100% natural products, no plastic means they are kinder on the planet. The muka is gathered, prepared and woven in a traditional and sustainable manner by our expert weaver.

Comes blessed and packaged with stone information and instructions for use.

Colour variation in the Muka is due to different flax varieties used. The muka can vary from creamy white through to golden tan colours.


* PLEASE NOTE - Due to order volumes and the unpredictable nature of babies we recommend you order with 2 weeks to go before your due date, and please allow a little extra time for delivery.  However i do always aim to dispatch all orders within 24hrs of purchase. If you need one urgently please though don’t hesitate to contact me and i will do my very best to get it to you within a couple of days.

** PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR STONE FROM THE PHOTOS ABOVE AND LEAVE A NOTE AT CHECKOUT OF YOUR STONE NUMBER CHOICE along with one backup choice (Notes section is @ checkout, if you can’t find it though, feel free to leave it as part of your address - state “Stone Choice #” so it’s not confused as part of your address), OTHERWISE A RANDOM STONE WILL BE CHOSEN. IF THE STONE HAS A RED LINE THROUGH IT THEN IT IS ALREADY SOLD.

Stone Identification Numbers

#1 - 80 -  Nephrite Jade - (Pounamu)  Jade is the stone of good luck and love.

#81 - 120 - Serpentinite - a member of the Pounamu Family and carries a grounding & calming energy.

#121 - 160 - Rhodonite - is a comfort and healing stone with heart based energy.

#161 -  200  - Aotea  - only found in NZ, Aotea carries the essence of the Devine feminine energy.

#201 - 220 - Obsidian - is a powerful protection stone.

Muka ties and Gemstones are also available seperately.

A red line through the stone # denotes sold stones.

Stones vary in size from approx 10mm - 20mm.  Our muka ties weigh less than the conventional plastic cord clamps.

The majority of the time your first choice will be available, occasionally however, due to order volumes there may be a small delay in photos being updated, so a second choice will be requested. Please feel free to add your second choice # at checkout aswell.

Bracelets, Anklets and Necklaces are available to thread your Gemstone charm onto once the Muka Pito Tie has fallen off baby.  Please see drop down menu for purchase options, and Photos in this listing for examples. Anklets/Bracelets/Necklace straps are all purchased seperately and come without a gemstone.

If you are purchasing a Bracelet/Anklet to go with your Pito Muka Tie, please measure either the wrist or ankle and note at checkout what size you would like. Taking into account comfort and how loose you would like to wear the item.  For example a wrist measuring 16cm suits a 17-17.5cm Bracelet. An ankle measuring 23cm suits a 25-25.5cm Anklet. If you are ordering a necklace, they will be bound at 60cm unless requested otherwise. 

It can also be useful to take into account the size and shape gemstone you want for an anklet/bracelet or necklace when choosing the stone for your muka pito tie. 

Size estimates are as follows (please allow room for the gem) - 

Bracelets (Adults) - Small (17cm) Medium (18.5cm) Large (20cm)
Anklets (Adults)  - Small (24cm) Medium (26cm) Large (28cm)

Please see last photo for cord colour options for bracelets/anklets/necklaces.



Customer Reviews

Based on 310 reviews
Chloe Busch
Muka pito tie

Just recieved our muka pito tie and it is beautiful, can't wait to use it when our baby boy is here x

Thanks so much Chloe and all the best

Holly Maclean
Beautiful Muka Pito

The Muka Pito is so precious and arrived very quickly. WE can't wait to use it during the birth.

Thanks so much Holly and all the best enjoy using the muka

Brooke Grady

Muka Pito Tie with Gemstone

thanks so much

Carla Linton

Muka Pito Tie with Gemstone

Thanks so much Carla

Linsay Box
Muka Pito tie

Absolutely beautiful gemstone muka pito tie.
Second time I have ordered.
Always recieve the order overnight.
Would recommend to all.

Thanks so much Lindsay, all the best

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