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Umbilical Cord Muka Tie & Charm Bracelet Set


Umbilical Cord MukaTie & Bracelet Set

This set contains 1x Umbilical Cord Tie made from Muka and NZ Gemstones and 1x Braided Charm Bracelet for mum.

PLEASE NOTE @ CHECKOUT or message us on social media your stone choice # from photos above, and Cord Colour for Bracelet, also if you want the bracelet a different length to standard (see below) please note. 

Additional Beads are available for purchase by clicking on the drop down menu above. 

Once the cord has fallen off, remove the muka from the gemstone and thread it onto the bracelet to be worn as a treasured keepsake forever.

Made from tumbled NZ Gemstones and Muka (flax fibre which is traditionally used, and known for its antibacterial properties) 

These Umbilical Cord Ties make a great natural alternative to conventional cord clamps.  They are easy to use, and they are soft on babies skin and dont get tangled up in nappies and clothing.  

Comes packaged with stone information and instructions for use.

Bracelet comes @ standard length of 19cm women’s size if you need a different length bracelet please message us or note at checkout. Stone sizes vary. 

Bracelets come in either Black or Tan coloured cord.

Please note standard set comes with one gemstone (which is bound onto the muka cord tie and then can be removed and put onto the bracelet once the umbilical cord has fallen off) additional stones can be purchased in the drop down menu.

Please allow 1 week for your set to be made. Feel free to message us however if you need one sooner, we will do our best.

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Umbilical Muka tie & charm set
Muka tie

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